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October 11, 2013
internet marketing

Barstool Marketing – A Three Legged Approach to Internet Marketing

Of course, when I say "Barstool Marketing" - I'm not talking about devising your marketing plan at a bar. Although, I like to think that some of my best ideas have come after sitting at the bar for a few hours. But in this instance, I'm talking about a three legged stool. Without one of the legs to hold you up, you tumble over. (Or, sometimes even with the three legs, tumbling can be side-effect of sitting at the bar for too long.)
December 29, 2011
more web traffic

Why Don’t I Get More Web Traffic?

A question every web site owner has asked. When I go through lulls of low traffic on my site, I wonder what I've done wrong.
May 2, 2011

How Local School Districts Should Use Social Media

Central Ohio school districts are in trouble. And they aren't using one of the greatest tools available to fight it - social media.
April 13, 2011
shout it out design

Shout It Out Design Turns One

Last March, I sat down with my father, CEO of Young's Jersey Dairy to discuss my future. I had struck out finding work as an Early Childhood Educator in the Columbus, OH area and was unsure of what my direction was going to be. What came from that meeting was a vision to help other businesses do what I have been helping Young's Dairy do for most of my post-childhood life, build relationships with their customer base online.
March 15, 2011
targeting keywords

Targeted Keywording – 10 Steps to Success

It's comforting to know that while companies are spending millions upon millions of dollars on SEO and search engine ranking the little guys like you and I can still compete.
January 4, 2011

Is This Really How You Expect to Get Business? Use Online Advertising Instead!

Online advertising being taken over by 'geurilla tactics' & sign twirlers on the roadside? I don't think so!