John Young has become an integral part of the Shift•ology Communications team. He provides more than just websites for our clients. He listens to their desires, customizes his service to best fit each of their needs and extends his relationship beyond being just a vendor. He approaches his work with us and our clients as a partnership, and provides added value well beyond the scope of expectations. We’ve always been able to count on John to provide outstanding, proactive, considerate service that yields results for our clients.

Melanie Wilt

Shift•ology Communications

For years Waiting For Next Year has bounced from designer to designer and from host to host. Every time we needed to switch, our new designer was great when they were trying to get our business. Once they got it, however, they seemed to disappear and lose interest in our site.

John is completely different. From day one we were looking for a designer who would view our relationship as a partnership more than just a service-for-hire arrangement. We finally found what we were looking for with Shout It Out Design.

It starts with a hands-on face to face meeting, and all along the way John is trying to learn more about who we are, what our needs are, and how he can help us. And whenever we have questions or need something fixed or changed on our site, John is quick to answer and help us any way he can. Having our designer also be our host is a huge benefit as well. No more talking between two different parties. Working with John feels more like a partnership and a friendship than “just some guy we hired”.

I would recommend John and Shout It Out for anyone who needs any kind of design work. Especially anyone who is looking for a different, more personal approach to design.

Andrew Schnitkey

Shout It Out Design has helped Young’s Jersey Dairy evolve its website from a simple informational site 20 years ago to a site that communicates what Young’s is all about, sells merchandise and gift cards and keeps our guests informed of important events. It is a fast changing world of telling your current and future Customers who you are and how you can serve them. Shout It Out Design helps Young’s communicate clearly to our Customers.

Dan Young

Young's Jersey Dairy

When I first opened my business, I decided to design my website myself to save money; it was very basic and boring. After I had been open a year and had some experience under my belt, I thought it would be beneficial to have a better web presence. I was familiar with John’s work; his design skills impressed me.

I decided to “bite the bullet” and spend a little money on a website, in hopes it would draw in more clients. I have no regrets. I’ve received SO MANY compliments on my website and have had clients come from hours away because they said they loved my website, compared with other dietitians in their area. My client base has increased significantly since the redesign. My website is very user friendly and resourceful. John also combined my blog and website together in a creative format. Not only are John’s design skills top notch, he is wonderful to work with. He is prompt with response time, super organized, and very helpful. John is always improving his skills and stays up‐to‐date with the latest trends. Definitely recommend John at Shout It Out Design.

Leslie Edmunds

Clem & Thyme Nutrition and Wellness