Website Design

I’ve spoken with many business owners, non-profit organizers and restaurant owners over the past few years about designing a website and the conversation has shifted from “Do I need a website?” to “How can I have a great website?”. Of course, even that conversation is starting to shift to “How can people find me online?”.

A great website design has many different features. And with several trillion pages out there on the web, it can be difficult to distinguish a good site from a bad one. Putting together a website that appeals to your clients/customers, loads fast, looks great and shows up in the search engines is a full time job. That’s why a large percentage of my clients have come to me, after trying to do it on their own, using up their precious time that they could be working on their own business – and I’m always here to help.


Website Design for Small Businesses

Of course, the definition of ‘small business’ is pretty broad. I have several one employee business owners as clients and I also have a company with over 300 employees – which is still considered a small business. But no matter the size of your business, I can help you market it online.

Online marketing and web design for a small business isn’t something you want to spend 10 minutes here or there on – it’s a full time job. That is, if you want to see results.

Website Design for Restaurants

As goes for businesses, restaurants need great websites too. And these days, it had better look good on my wife’s iPhone – or she’s going to be sour. I can’t count the amount of times we’ve been out driving around, get an idea to eat out, locate a restaurant nearby, try to pull up their website and be disappointed. Whether it’s built in flash or doesn’t exist – they might have the best filet mignon in town, we wouldn’t know because we can’t see their site – we aren’t coming in. And I’m guessing that we aren’t the only potential customers that restaurant has lost for that very same reason.

I’ve had the opportunity to learn from the bottom up about one of the most visited restaurants in all of Ohio, Young’s Jersey Dairy. What I’ve learned from working with my father/CEO of Young’s, Dan Young – I’ll pass along to my other restaurant-owning clients. Providing a great experience online is the first step in providing a great experience in your place of business.