Email Birthday Clubs for Restaurants

Want to make everyone happy? Celebrate your customers’ birthdays!

They’re Happy: A scientific study showed that customers receiving valuable coupons led to a 38% percent increase in oxytocin, along with reduced stress!

You’re Happy: Emails with coupons lead to higher email open rates and increases in transaction rates and revenue!

Ready to get happy? We know your time is valuable as a restaurant owner. You’re managing the front of the house, the back of the house, inventory, reservations, menu decisions and more. Let Shout It Out Design efficiently manage your email marketing database using the experience that we have in marketing to restaurant patrons. Think of it as one less thing for you to manage. The only thing you’ll need to do is make sure that table 34 got their birthday sundae with a smile.

  • Consumers feel 60% more loyal to a restaurant when they’re in an email club
  • 79% of consumers are likely to frequent a restaurant when they receive coupons or specials
  • Companies reported last year that for every email marketing dollar they invested, they saw a return of $44.25

Features Built for Success

No cookie cutters here. We will sit down and build your email marketing program to get results for your business. We want to ensure success based on your goals.

You don’t need to be bothered with emails from your list about lost/accidentally deleted birthday coupons or changes to Susie’s email address. We’ll field & manage those responses for you. And if we get a question that you need to see – We’ll make sure you get it.

Segmentation is an important and often unused feature of email marketing. Our list can handle up to 6 unique names, birthdays, favorite ice cream flavors, etc. so you can send the right message to encourage action.

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Birthday Club Growth

Birthday List Growth

We’ll provide and manage sign-up slips and online sign-up forms to grow your customer email list, all you have to do is celebrate!


We can help you customize email coupons based on age, location, etc. to make each customer happy.
Email Birthday Club

Special Promotions

Want your loyal customers to know about a special event or promotion? We can help you design and send your email to your growing database.

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