May 25, 2010

I’m Going Twitter-Dark!

Think back to the first football game you couldn't be home for and taped on your VCR. You were out with the family, enjoying the fall weather, not even slightly concerned about someone coming along and shouting the score to you. No worries, right? Then cell phones came along.
May 18, 2010

7 Bits of Technology that Young’s Jersey Dairy is Working On For the Future

Young's is already doing so much - you think they'd be happy with that. They're not. Take a look at the things they have coming down the pipeline.
May 14, 2010

11 (More) Ways Young’s Jersey Dairy Uses Technology

As I posted in my previous article, Young's uses A LOT of tech for being a small farm in the middle of Ohio. I couldn't fit all the exciting things they do for their customers into one article, so here are 11 more things that Young's does to stay on the cutting edge (and make things easier on themselves & for their customers)
May 12, 2010

11 Ways Young’s Jersey Dairy Uses Technology

Young's Jersey Dairy has been using technology to enhance their customer's experience for many years. Here are just some of the things they do currently to make their customers (and their own) lives easier.
May 4, 2010

Treat Your Mayor Like a King!

You see, like everything else in life, FourSquare is an evil (yet fun!) competition. FourSquare won't admit it, FourSquare users won't admit it - but it is. Customers earn badges for completing different tasks, more badges = more better - and your customers want to earn their badges at your store.
May 1, 2010

Still the Best Viral Video Artists Out There

I'm sure you've seen some of these out there - but Ok Go (aside from being a pretty kick-ass band) are geniuses at developing viral videos.
April 27, 2010

Double Posting = Bad Double Posting = Bad

While there might be some commonality between your Twitter followers and Facebook friends, the way you communicate on the separate networks is completely different....