Check It Out – August 2017

Solar Eclipse SIOD Aug 2017

Check It Out – August 2017

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You got to tell her about it before it gets too late 

(Blogs & Opinions)

Rachel has been the lone contributor to the blog of late and she’s been providing some good insights on creating content and dealing with troublesome co-workers. Something I know we all deal with!

Speaking of dealing with co-workers that aren’t as helpful as they could be – do you know what happens to your brain when you dislike someone?

Maybe it’s time to make boredom great again?

Domo arigato Mr. Roboto, domo, domo

(Cool Tools & Gadgets)

Hopefully your solar eclipse glasses didn’t come from one of these fraudulent sellers.

I have a feeling our house will be full of programming toys like this in the very near future.

Let’s dance – put on your red shoes and dance the blues

swiss-army-knife(Helpful Tips & Hacks)

Peanut allergies are on their way out if this study has anything to say about it.

Been Pwned lately? (It’s OK if you don’t know what that means, I won’t judge if you step aside and Google it). This site knows if your online accounts have been hacked. You can search by email address or password and get the bad news.

And even if you do have a good password, some slick talking maverick can still hack your phone. Technology really is the worst.What did the beach say as the tide came in? Long time, no sea!

What a feeling – bein’s believin’

(Random Things to Brighten Your Day)

If you’ve had a hankering for sleeping in close quarters with a bunch of strangers on a bus, there’s a solution just for you.

If the eclipse does cause us to flee the earth – Scarlett is dressed for the occasion.

Scarlett ready for the eclipse

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