Helping Clients Be Seen, Be Heard and Be Found is what Shout It Out Design was built for.

Whether it’s building a new website or redesigning an old one, sending out an email blast to a list of 50 people or 50,000, or helping a client sell their products online – Shout It Out Design exists to help small businesses succeed. Clients of Shout It Out Design are mostly located in central Ohio, but we also have clients in Arizona, California, Georgia, Indiana, Illinois, New York, Nevada, North Carolina, Michigan, Texas and even Saudi Arabia.

Meet the People Doing All the Shouting:


Owner, Chief Everything Officer

The Man, the Myth, the Legend

I started Shout it Out Design in 2010 with the purpose of helping small businesses succeed in a competitive online marketplace. Growing up in my family’s small business, Young’s Jersey Dairy in Yellow Springs, Ohio, I was raised with the passion to continue to do what’s best for the customer.

As a website designer and small business owner, I enjoy working with other small business owners that share my passion for growing their business and being successful online. I specialize in website development and design, email marketing, and providing solutions to my clients’ digital marketing challenges.

I have a bachelor’s degree from Wright State University and have been told I’m a pretty nice guy. In November 2014, my wife Kelly and I welcomed Scarlett into our world. So far, I’ve found fatherhood and owning a business have a lot of similarities:

  • When you don’t get your way, crying doesn’t always help
  • Sleep is overrated
  • Sometimes you’re full of it and need a change
  • Nothing makes a client (or baby) smile like a good tickle or belly-raspberry

I love my two girls more than anything in the world, but my collective family of clients comes in at a close second. If it wasn’t for my second family – I wouldn’t be able to enjoy the occasional free time to hang out with my first family.

The Word Nerd

Rachel supports Shout It Out Design clients’ creative needs, whatever they may be. From web content strategy, to blogging, email messaging and more – Rachel is here to help!

With ten years of marketing and communications experience in a variety of industries, including manufacturing, nonprofit, automotive and accounting, Rachel puts her diverse background to good use by helping our clients find their voice. Rachel loves a good pun and has an advanced affinity for alliteration.

Rachel has a bachelor’s degree in communication from The Ohio State University. She lives in Raleigh, NC with her husband, Wes, their daughter, Kate, and two furry family members.

Creative Sorceress