Spring Cleaning for Your Social Media Pages

Spring Cleaning for Your Social Media Pages

When the weather starts to get warm (even if unseasonably early) about 72 percent of us get the itch to clean house.  When I think of spring cleaning, I think of the moving-furniture-busting-out-the-kneepads type of deep cleaning that I don’t do on a regular basis.  Your online presence can benefit from this same attention to detail.

So if you can’t remember the last time you dug into the depth of your business social media pages or Google My Business listing – it’s time to get cleaning!

Start With the Basics

                  Source: Google

At the very least, you should review your social media pages annually to ensure your basic information is still correct.  Whether you have a presence on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube or other pages, check for accuracy:

  • Did your hours change?
  • Did your business move?
  • Is your web address different?

Monitoring basic company information is ESPECIALLY important on your Google My Business page.  Users are searching for local business information via Google, including your business hours and address.  So serving it up accurately is crucial to making them happy!

Plus, if you list your hours, contact information and details on your Google My Business page, you make it easier on your customers – serving up what they need right within the search results.  If you don’t have your Google My Business page, you should claim it now!

Add Some Bells and Whistles

You might use spring cleaning time to finally get around to hanging new photos or painting the house.  You can also add some bells and whistles to your social media pages!

Is your image the best it can be?

  • Have you changed your company overivew, or can you rephrase your “About Us” information to be more engaging?
  • Is it time to change out your featured images?

Take a look at updates on the social media platforms you use to make sure you’re making the most of features available to you.

  • Facebook rolled out several new features for business pages, that allow you to include buttons, highlight services and even change your page layout.
  • Twitter also allows you to customize your theme color to suit your branding.

Invite People Over

I know I like to share a nice, clean house with friends by hosting a game night or get-together!

Once your social media pages are looking sharp, start engaging your clients by asking for reviews on Facebook and Google.   Not only with this re-engage your existing clients and show them you care about what they think, it will also make a great impression on future customers, as 67% of consumers report that online reviews influence their decisions.

Ahh, nice and clean – doesn’t that feel good?



Rachel Lewis
With ten years of marketing and communications experience in a variety of industries, including manufacturing, nonprofit, automotive and accounting, Rachel puts her diverse background to good use by helping our clients find their voice. Rachel loves a good pun and has an advanced affinity for alliteration.