Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing – what is it, do you need it and how much does it cost? These are the three questions you are probably asking yourself.

You’ve read articles about the importance of search engine marketing, so now you want it for your website. You want more leads from your website and you know that using search engine optimization (SEO) tactics will get those leads. Let’s take a look at what search engine marketing is all about before we figure out why you need it & how much it will cost.

There are endless studies that show that search engine users don’t click past the first three pages of search results – many don’t click past the first page or even scroll down the page if they’ve found what they’re looking for. Think about it, do you? So, if your site isn’t on the first three pages, the first page or even the top half of the first page – you aren’t getting found using a search engine.

Proper search engine marketing starts with a plan to develop a site that has clean code, well written content and is well organized. Follow those three rules and your readers will have a better understanding your site and search engines will have a better understanding of the content on your site. Both of which will lead to better rankings.

Google is changing their algorithms on search results constantly. Which means that you need to be constantly altering the content and structure of your site to keep up with those changes.

We’ll help you with creating a site that is SEO friendly then help you create content that matches the keywords and key phrases that you want to be found for. Through blogging, search engine optimization techniques and pay-per-click advertising, we’ll help you get found more often & get more traffic.

The truth is, search engine traffic can make (or break) an organization’s success. Targeted visitors to a website can provide publicity, revenue, and exposure like no other form of marketing. Given this, investing in SEO, whether through spending money to have a professional do it, or spending time doing it yourself, can provide an exceptional rate of return.

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