Athletic Department Fundraising & Camp Registration

Coaching high school sports takes a lot of time, patience and love of the game. But your time doesn’t need to be spent chasing down checks from parents, trying to figure out how many t-shirts to order or sending emails to get more kids to your youth camps. We have made the process simple from start to finish.

No More Checks – No More Confusion – No More Hassle

Introducing Online Payments & Registration


  • 100% Oversight¬† and Transparency of Funds
  • All Funds in One Place
  • Unlimited Amount of Events, Registrations, and Teams
  • No Annual or Startup Costs


  • Live portal to view registrations
  • No chasing down parents for forms
  • Provide accurate numbers to uniform and equipment suppliers
  • We set the registrations and forms up for you


  • Register for multiple camps in one transaction
  • See other camps that your son/daughter would be interested in
  • “One stop shopping” for the family
  • No more lost paperwork for fundraisers or spirit wear

“While spending 9 years working with the Olentangy Liberty Boys Soccer team, I have developed an online platform not just for individual teams to manage their online payments, but for entire high school sports programs.

I have seen how difficult and time consuming it was for the coaching staff to get uniform orders together, create forms for end-of-year banquets and piece together websites for golf outings and fundraisers. The platform that I built for Olentangy Liberty High School is simple for parents, coaches and administrators to manage all of their payments, registrations and fundraisers all in one place.

Now I’m ready to introduce this platform to other Columbus-area high schools and continue making the lives of athletic booster volunteers, coaches & area parents just a bit easier.”

-John Young, Creator and Owner

Investment & Benefits

No Startup Costs or Annual Fees

Works with Your Bank Credit Card Processor

(If you don’t currently have a credit card processor, we can walk you through setting one up or working with PayPal for online payments)

3% Collected on Transactions

“Tiered Transparency” – Only Show the Data that Needs to be Seen

Maintained Email Database of Camp Registrations

Custom Domain & Design for Your Program

Future Discounts Available for Referrals

100% Transparency & Tracking for Administrators

Every team’s payments in one place. No missing checks, no ‘rogue team boosters,’ no chasing down statements. You can see all transactions coming into the site and have 100% control of the money in your account. We don’t want (or get) access to your bank accounts – so you know that control is solely in your hands.

With the ability to track all payments from all teams, you know that things are being accounted for correctly and your annual time to spend on balancing your books will be minimized.

Always Up-to-Date Numbers for Coaches

Not only are all the payments automated from the registrations and team payments, but reporting is also done live and on the spot. That means any time you pull up your team’s payment link – you’ll be updated with all of your team numbers, shirt sizes and session times that you need to make the decisions on your end.

Since each sport is different, your reporting link and registration forms will be customized to your needs. No matter how many combination of shirt sizes, short sizes, grades, session times or equipment charges you need to add on, we can handle it.

One Place to Go for Parents

For parents of multiple kids, or parents of multiple kids that play multiple sports, registering for all the camps, team fees, and banquets can get time consuming. Now it can all be in the same place, cutting down the time spent digging through several teams’ websites, emails and flyers to nearly nothing.

Types of Transactions Our Platform Can Handle:

  • Banquets
  • Pancake Breakfasts/Fundraising Meals
  • Golf Outings
  • Team Outings
  • Pre or In-Season Tournament Fees
  • Youth Camps
  • Team Camps
  • Summer Camps
  • Off-Season Camps
  • All Apparel (Shorts, Shirts, Pants, Socks, etc.)
  • Uniforms
  • Spirit Wear
  • Equipment
  • Team Fees
  • Booster Fees
  • Sponsorships
  • Team Meals
  • Team Posters/Banners/Signs

Ready to see the system in action for yourself? Request a demo with one of our team members to witness how OPR can take away the stress and frustration of your district’s athletic department.