Website Design for Young’s Jersey Dairy


“Shout It Out Design has helped Young’s Jersey Dairy evolve its website from a simple informational site 15 years ago to a site that communicates what Young’s is all about, sells merchandise and gift cards and keeps our guests informed of important events. It is a fast changing world of telling your current and future Customers who you are and how you can serve them. Shout It Out Design helps Young’s communicate clearly to our Customers.”

– Dan Young, Chief Ice Cream Dipper – Young’s Jersey Dairy

May 2015

Yellow Springs, Ohio

WordPress Website Design


The first website I ever designed back in the ’90s was for my family’s business – Young’s Jersey Dairy.  They must have liked something I did, because they stuck with me when I began my own business in 2010 and became my first client! We’ve built several websites together over the years, and the most recent iteration needed a look as fresh as their famous ice cream.

We centered the website design around engaging photography, with an emphasis on the fun events that take place throughout the year.  The website is easy for visitors to navigate, and we saw an increase in birthday club signups on the new website.  And, of course, the homepage features the classic “moo” sound clip that Young’s Guests have loved since 1997!


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John Young
As a website designer and small business owner, I enjoy working with other small business owners that share my passion for growing their business and being successful online. I specialize in website development and design, email marketing, and providing solutions to my clients’ digital marketing challenges.